Art is life
My life is art.

The continuous changing process of my work only knows a beginning. The rest is thinking, criticising, changing and finally choosing the image. 

My two years of study at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, USA, has influenced my development ever since. The basis for my sculpture and photography was founded there. The study of art is basically the study of one’s self and the personal expression of discovery.

For 32 years I was one half of an artist couple. My husband passed away in 2007. We shared a common basis in the challenge of making art. We inspired each other, gave and got feedback, trusted in the quality of our work and in our successes, made choices, philosophied as a team. This sharing resulted in a natural and exciting life together.
At this moment I am back in my studio and working on big installationsin in which sculpture and photography are combined. A new identity is emerging and I am expressing myself in new ways again, expressing my changed life. My changed perception and awareness have revealed new ways of expression waiting to be found.

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